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  • All photos from IASTEM International Conference, Bali, Indonesia, 17th March 2016 are available online now

  • wish you a Very Happy New Year 2016.

  • All photos are available from IASTEM International Conference, Singapore,23rd January 2016

  • Many Contrats to SAGIR ALVA for winning the Excellent paper Award for Research World International Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, 17th January 2016

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Keynote Speakers

Name   Prof. S.R. Subramanya
Affiliation   School of Engineering and Computing National University San Diego, CA 92123, USA
Country   United States of America
Speech   Today We need to develop sustainable technologies for our world which will be less harmful to our earth. I am very thank full to the IIER for inviting me as a Guest and Technical Session Chair.

Keynote Speakers

Name - Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Butt
Date -: 05th Jan 2017
Conference Name:ISERD International Conference, Sydney, 5th Jan 2017
Place -Sydney, Australia

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Name - Arumugam Kottai Muthu
Date -: 02nd Jan 2017
Conference Name:The IIER International Conference,Dubai,UAE,2nd January 2017
Place -Dubai,UAE

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Name - C. E. Gökçe
Date -: 22nd Dec 2016
Conference Name:ISER International conference Berlin,Germany 22nd Dec 2016
Place -Berlin, Germany

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Name - Suryakant B.Thorat
Date -: 09th Dec 2016
Conference Name:AW International conference, Auckland, New Zealand, 9th Dec 2016
Place -Auckland, New Zealand

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Name - Dr.Mohammed Nadeem
Date -: 17th Dec 2016
Conference Name:ISERD International Conference, Mecca, 17th Dec 2016
Place -Mecca, Saudi Arabia

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Date -: 15th Dec 2016
Conference Name:The IIER International Conference,Brunei,15th December 2016
Place -Brunei

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