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  • All photos from IASTEM International Conference, Bali, Indonesia, 17th March 2016 are available online now

  • wish you a Very Happy New Year 2016.

  • All photos are available from IASTEM International Conference, Singapore,23rd January 2016

  • Many Contrats to SAGIR ALVA for winning the Excellent paper Award for Research World International Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, 17th January 2016

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Keynote Speakers

Name   Prof. Hermann Gruenwald
Affiliation   Assoc. Prof. BurphaUniversityInternationalCollege -Logistics Department; Bangsaen, Thailand
Country   Thailand
Speech   I am very happy to attend the Conference here at Bangkok for the second time.Its been wonderful to be associate with this Organization.

Keynote Speakers

Name - Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Butt
Date -: 05th Jan 2017
Conference Name:ISERD International Conference, Sydney, 5th Jan 2017
Place -Sydney, Australia

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Name - Arumugam Kottai Muthu
Date -: 02nd Jan 2017
Conference Name:The IIER International Conference,Dubai,UAE,2nd January 2017
Place -Dubai,UAE

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Name - C. E. Gökçe
Date -: 22nd Dec 2016
Conference Name:ISER International conference Berlin,Germany 22nd Dec 2016
Place -Berlin, Germany

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Name - Suryakant B.Thorat
Date -: 09th Dec 2016
Conference Name:AW International conference, Auckland, New Zealand, 9th Dec 2016
Place -Auckland, New Zealand

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Name - Dr.Mohammed Nadeem
Date -: 17th Dec 2016
Conference Name:ISERD International Conference, Mecca, 17th Dec 2016
Place -Mecca, Saudi Arabia

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Date -: 15th Dec 2016
Conference Name:The IIER International Conference,Brunei,15th December 2016
Place -Brunei

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